How do i Enable My Touchpad On My Lenovo Laptop? Answer

I’ve bought a Lenovo Yoga 720 laptop and after a while I realized that touchpad was not working. Touchpad works fine on my other laptops, but I can’t use it on my Lenovo Yoga. I was looking through the internet and found that this might be an issue with tracking logic board. So, I revisited Lenovo website for this laptop and it just said that dealers should fix the problem and that eventually this would be solved with a firmware update to the system. But there were no instructions on how to do it myself. “Looks like I’m investing in a Windows 8 mouse!” – thought I was about to give up, because touchpad stopped working after retractable keyboard stopped auto-hiding.

Go to your lenovo laptop system settings..

Go to the “System” option

Click on “Device preferences” option

Click on “Mouse and Touchpad settings” option.

Go to “Trackpad” tab

Select “No” from the “Trackpad on-screen” selection box.

Click on “Apply”.

If “Trackpad on-screen” box is ticked, just uncheck it.

If no “Apply” button is displayed, you need to restart your laptop.

Now the touchpad works normally.

Is there some better way of resolving this problem?


I’ve never owned a Lenovo before, but I think if it were me, I would just get a better laptop. For your specific request, you can buy a USB mouse. It will allow your touchpad to work even when the keyboard is closed.

For example, you could buy this one:

Scroll till you hit touchpad..


The tracking logic board The chip

Does that help you?

My laptop: Yoga 720.

There was one method you could use to restore the touch pad.

I had the same problem and used the following method to try to restore my touchpad.


Make sure you enable your touch pad..

This is required to use it, without it you can’t do anything. Use Windows key + P on your laptop. The system will ask you if you want to enable the touchpad feature.

After following those instructions and using it, the touchpad is back, but the touch area is just not working. It just gives this message: “This feature may not be available depending on your hardware or software, some models may not work.”

I really would like it to work because it looks cool and I love Lenovo. Anybody have an idea how I can fix this?

If you have access to the device, the method for disabling/resetting the system settings touchpad is described here. If you don’t, there’s also the method here, which requires booting into recovery.

A few people have experienced issues with the software update and have had success by simply turning the touchpad off and then back on again.

Make your touchpad be able to move and click on the surface of your.

Lenovo Yoga 720 – How do I change the touchpad settings in Windows 8.1?

Make my touchpad be usable again

The settings on this laptop will vary from other laptops. They will be as follows:

Hardware settings

To enable the touchpad;

Control Panel >> Hardware and Sound >> Device Manager >>

Find Touchpad It should tell you “This is an external device” On the right side select Touchpad and click on the Driver tab. This looks like your current drivers are up to date. Make sure this is the case.

If there are updates choose to install them.

For example,

If you are using Windows 8.

Enjoy your laptop..

It’s working for me, but not after I retract the keyboard from the touchpad. I’m still waiting for the fix and I’d be very thankful if someone could tell me what I can actually do about it.

Open the case, turn the machine on and press F12 to get to a BIOS Menu. Look for the option for “Touchpad on Windows 8”.

If it is not an option, then it is possible that your laptop has a Windows 8 and not Windows 8.1 OS which is why the device settings for Windows 8 Touchpad are not present in 8.1+.

Look for a touchpad menu in your BIOS. It is usually the last menu option in the BIOS. In some machines it is the F12 key, and in others F2 or F9.

Depending on where you are in the BIOS, the options may be scattered through several menus.

Some models of the Yoga 720 have a button to click to get into the BIOS – in my machine a button on the touchpad would work, so look on a guide to see how you want to access the BIOS.

When you go in through the BIOS, you will want to change the options for the touchpad from Wacom to Synaptics. There may be other options as well. Some models of Yoga 720 like mine will have the option to save the changes to the BIOS and load on reboot.

Additional Options

Many models of Yoga 720 may have had an issue with the Touchpad driver, and not just with the Wacom driver. It could have been a driver issue in either Linux or Windows. Look on a separate question/answer if the Yoga 720 has had a different model touchpad that did not work as well on install, which ones worked better, etc.

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