How to Change Phone Number in Gmail Account on Laptop or Computer

In this article, you will learn how to change Gmail account phone number that you can use for two factor verification protection. You also have the possibility to change the phone number of other services. How to change Gmail account phone number? Entering a new phone number for your Gmail account using the Google Directions tool is a good first step. If you already entered your old phone number with 2FA turned on, then this will work for both. When changing the phone number, don’t forget to click on “Verify” if you want verification codes to be sent by text message or backup email. All services offer different methods to change your account’s default or default recovery password. Yahoo Mail has FAQs on their help site that will help users make sure they are changing their password every time they update it in company’s service accounts.

How to change your phone number in Gmail using your computer

Step 1: Go to your Gmail settings.

Click Settings at the top right corner of your screen and then scroll down to account settings.

You’ll see the option to change or add a phone number.

If you prefer to add or edit your Google account information rather than change your phone number, click Google at the top right corner of your browser’s screen and then scroll to “settings.”

Step 2: If you’re adding a phone number for the first time, select “add a phone number for [email protected]” followed by the phone number you want to add or your current phone number.

Step 3: You may want to be cautious about the phone number you add or edit because Gmail may ask for confirmation before saving the changes.

Step 4: That’s it, click “Save changes.” You can always change it later using your mobile app.

If you prefer to permanently change your phone number, access your settings from the mobile app.

How to change your phone number in Gmail using your mobile device

1. Tap on the gear icon in the top-right of your phone’s home screen. 2. Then tap Google and scroll down to “My Account” in the list of options.3. Tap “My info” and select “Accounts and Import.”4. Select “Other Google Account settings” and then scroll down to “Personal info.”5. Select “Contact info” and then scroll to the phone number in the list.6. You may edit your current phone number or update your current number to your new number.7. Enter your password to confirm the changes or use Touch ID to verify your mobile device.8. Tap on the arrow next to your number and select “Update number.” This should update your phone number with your current Gmail account.9. Go to “My Account.”10. Tap on the link labeled “Edit numbers” and then scroll down to the number you wish to update.

Via an Android phone

, you have the following options:

·Go to the Settings app to go to Wireless & Networks option

·Tap Mobile Networks

·Enter the phone number you want to change

·Tap Switch mobile network

·Follow the prompts

Now we will show you a method via an iPhone and PC:

Via an iPhone, tap Settings and then go to Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

On the Mail account page, touch Compose, and then type the new number.

And you will find the new number on the list of your contacts.If you are using a PC, you also can go to your Gmail account page manually to change the number.

How to Change the Old Phone Number in Gmail

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On a Laptop or PC

In order to access the Settings settings on your computer is no different from changing cellphone numbers on Android devices. First of all, you need a device connected to the internet network.How to Change Gmail Phone Number on PC:Just open the Gmail app and then select Settings from the bottom. Under the Mobile tab, you can toggle between the phone numbers that you have set up.

Now, it’s time to check whether they’re active or not. If it has been a period of a long time and the number is inactive, it is time for you to replace it with the active one.

So, if you haven’t changed or lost your password yet, you only need to follow how to Change Mobile Number in Gmail on Android, iPhone, and PC. These three methods are the most convenient ones that you can choose from because you can do it at any time.

How can i recover my gmail account without a phone?

It helps to have a backup that can be easily accessed at any time, a way to easily identify the person contacting you if needed, and having an email address that forwards to the account you care most about. Once you’ve set all that up and you have a backup solution, the next step is to recover your email account.

I don’t have a phone or a current address. What can i do?

If you don’t have a current address, click the Edit option next to the recovery phone number. Then enter your birth date, your address, the first three digits of your SSN and click the search button.

Why is it hard to set up?

Setting up a Microsoft account is sometimes difficult, especially if you don’t have any current email information or if you don’t have a phone number. But you can set up a new account without information just by following a series of steps on the Getting Started page.

How do i remove a phone number from my google account?

If you remove a number from your account, you will no longer have that number linked to your account. You will not be able to use that phone number with another account that you have. However, you can still see the number, as well as the information you entered when you linked your account with that number.

How To Change phone Number in Google Account

Do i get new messages through my new number?

When you change your phone number, you will no longer be able to receive messages sent in that number. However, you will receive any existing messages that you sent to your old number.

Adding more accounts for Android devices

Android devices won’t work with Gmail account add-ons, but they will work with multiple Hangouts accounts. Here’s how to add another account for your Google account.Step 1: Log into Google. Step 2: Tap the menu in the top-right corner. Step 3: Choose Settings, then Accounts and sync. Step 4: Tap the sign-in option beside the accounts you’ve already set up using the icon in this menu. Step 5: Tap the + icon. Step 6: Choose the account type you’d like to add (for example, Google). Step 7: Enter the account information.Step 8: If you want to add additional accounts for your Google account, tap Sign-in under the Accounts menu and select + Add Account.Step 9: Navigate back to the phone’s Home screen.Step 10: You’ll start receiving an email with password information to setup your new account.

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