How to Fix Laptop camera not Working Correctly [Solved]

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad that my camera won’t work on. I recently started playing a game that has the camera point at the player’s face, and when I start the game, the camera doesn’t work. I put my laptop in safe mode to see if it would help, but it is still not working. I tried looking up how to fix it or download drivers for the camera, but there are so many options with different models of laptops. “I found this guide which helped me solve my problem.

Camera doesn’t work in Windows – Microsoft Support

It was designed to be used in the Windows XP and Windows Vista operating systems to take advantage of the image stabilization features of the digital camera. These features are available to you for download from the Web in Windows Media Video (WMV) or in Windows Movie Maker in Windows Media Photo (WMP) video formats.

Select the camera from Media Manager. The Media Manager opens, and you see “Device information”, “Import photos and videos”, and “Export photos and videos”. (Media Manager may not be installed if you are using an installation of Windows Vista.)

Select “Import photos and videos” and then select “Browse”. This opens the Import Wizard dialog, where you can import camera images and videos into Windows Vista.

Solution 1 – Allow Camera Permission (Windows Settings)

Solution 2 – Check for Device Drivers

Solution 3 – Re-install Windows Driver

Solution 4 – Repair your PC

Solution 5 – Check for Updates

Solution 6 – Reset Registry Settings…

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Solution 5 – Uninstall and Reinstall the Camera Driver (Device Manager)

Solution 4 was the most helpful. But there are some cases that you have no rollback option. Step 2 – Device manager doesn’t have any option? If the above mentioned “device manager doesn’t have any rollback options” doesn’t work for you, go to the second method, and we will discuss some troubleshooting tips in the next part.

Solution 6 – Find Other Camera Driver

If “the above mentioned Device Manager won’t work for you, there are some websites that suggest you can still get help. These websites may offer you a direct download for a new camera driver. Find the website here. For example, this site offers you an updated camera driver of “Hands Free Audio Interface” type.

Solution 7 – Rebuild the Registry

Rebuild the registry will reset the Windows Device Manager. For Windows 10 or 8 or later, please use the following procedures.

Step 1.

Solution 4 – Rollback Camera Driver (Device Manager)

You can rollback a driver to its previous version without reinstalling the driver. You need to use the Windows Device Manager, find the driver that is faulty or not working, then press and hold the right mouse button, then click Uninstall, choose Properties and go to the driver version.Step 1. Open the Device Manager.Step 2. Find the old camera driver and press and hold the right mouse button then click Uninstall.Step 3. Restart.

Solution 5 – Camera and Webcam Properties

If a camera is not working but can be detected, check the webcam properties to see if your webcam is working correctly.To check: Step 1. Open the Control Panel.Step 2. Click Device Manager.Step 3. Search for the word Camera in the Device Manager. Right-click your webcam and choose Update Driver Software.Step 4. Your webcam should be listed in the device manager under the following steps:

Windows XP – Click the Driver tab.

Remove quality update of Windows 10

If your camera stops working during a cumulative update, the reason you had camera problems could be that the webcam driver on the device has become corrupt.To fix issues with Camera after Windows update, use the following steps:From the Start menu, type Device Manager. Click View devices and choose webcam on the left pane and webcam device on the right pane.Click the Update device driver button.Click the Show updates button.You’ll see a list of updates available to download. Find the latest version for your device and click the Download update button.Make sure to do a clean install, rather than simply uninstall and reinstall, to prevent reinstalling the very same version from the previous cumulative update.

How to use webcam settings

To change camera options like default settings, quality settings, and other webcam setup choices, use these steps:Click the Settings icon in the task bar.Locate and click the webcam settings section.

Solution 2 – Update Driver of Laptop Camera (Device Manager)

There are chances that you are not able to update the driver of your laptop camera, such as “Laptop webcam not detected”.If you find it on the manufacturer’s website (which is hard by the way!), It’s recommended to download the driver directly from the manufacturer’s website. There is a chance that a different version of the driver might run on the laptop than the one originally downloaded with it. Step 1. Click the Windows Start button, and type device manager in the search box. Step 2. Click the Device Manager under system and hardware devices. Find the device under your webcam and then click Properties. Step 3. In the Driver tab, double-click the driver for your camera to open a box. Step 4. Change the driver version to latest driver.Step 5. Click the Update button.

Solution 6 – Turn Off Camera Protection (Antivirus Software)

Step 1. Turn off the protection of antivirus software.Step 2. Launch File Explorer, and then press Shift + Ctrl + Enter and go to the folder, C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution. (This is the location of the drivers, etc. installed on your PC.)Step 3. Delete the camera driver files there, e.g. “VFW4500U_K101_16.INF”.Step 4. Turn on antivirus protection.Step 5. Try to use your webcam.Step 6. Remove the camera driver again.

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