How To Fix Website Your Connection Is Not Private

When you receive this error it means that your browser needs to establish a more secure connection with the server to set additional privacy settings. The first step is prevent this security warning from appearing on your website, so first things first connect your website to HTTPs. HTTPS gives your website an extra layer of security with SSL/TLS encryption – the basic standard for most websites. Doing this will encrypt all data making it unreadable by third parties, which can include ISPs or even people connected to the same network as you. Along with the SSL certificate, HTTPS also helps increase search engine rankings with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Once you’ve established a connection with HTTPs, there are few other changes you need to make on your site before this warning will be avoided.

No, redirects will negatively affect your rankings. You can’t get a site to rank without redirects. Search engines crawl to find your sites links. If your site is broken down into several sub-domains, they all need to contain pages and links that lead to each of the pages. Once a searcher lands on your site and starts clicking, most of the time they won’t leave without returning to this first landing page first. This may lead to several redirects and Google will penalize you with lower rankings if you do not direct the user back to their original landing page. Make sure your site structure is properly in line with this concept.

This is typically the default behavior for most browsers

What do a 301 and 302 redirect do?

When you change the URL of a specific page, a search engine like Google must know where to send crawlers to

This is usually done in two steps. Google will first look at the new URL and the previously redirected one. It will then choose what the new URL should be and then send a redirect message to the old URL. Search engine crawlers usually follow those redirect to the new URL. When a redirect is sent, the actual URL is different. The URL that’s being redirected to might be the same or completely different. It depends on how many redirects have taken place.

What is a canonical link?

There are 3 different ways to link from one page to another on the web: Canonical, permalink, and relative


A canonical link is one URL across all of your websites that shows an item on all sites

Many web hosting providers offer “one click” setups. If your website URL structure is like then on the “one click,” setup you get If you have multiple pages on your site this would look like If you had another website structure like http://www.mydomain.

How Googlebot crawls my website?

You might be asking why I’d have a question like this

Google bots crawl a website like Googlebot crawls a website and find all the pages linked and crawl each one one by one. This allows the search engines to see if all relevant content is on your site if all the links can be followed from a website, whether that website is search engine friendly.


When search engines spam someone, they want to make sure they can get as many hits as possible

They will try to do so by clicking on as many pages as possible.


Using the 301 redirect option redirects pages from http://www to*. This will allow any pages or pages on the sub-domain to be redirected. If you don’t redirect these domains using the 301, you could break up your site. Any links on a page using the 301 from indexing using search engines would return 404. All pages linked to on that domain would only be visible when someone types in the domain name of*. This is known as broken links and this happens when the pages being linked to have been redirrected.

How to Check Date and Time on a Mac

Go to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of your screen

Click on System Preferences. From there, choose Date & Time. Ensure the date and time are accurate.


Serialized redirects are like having multiple URLs in one URL

This is how it works:

Is a page that is written as the site’s about page and is located on the root of the domain

This page will be found by typing in the URL as It’s kind of like you are telling the search engines to use that URL instead of the proper one. This is a huge no-no because the proper URL is located at

Lets say your website URL is:



You go there in your browser and it redirects you to:



That is a 301 redirect.


That is a 301 redirect

You go there again in your browser and it redirects you to:



The first 2 redirects are 301 redirects.

I’m not trying to convince you to change URLs. I’m trying to put it out there so people ask questions like this. If you have a blog out there, make sure the main page of your blog is a web page and not a wordpress page because of how wordpress pages work. It’s pretty simple. Your main page should only be a single static html. Do as much as you can yourself with all your blog pages. If there is a page that needs to be handled by a software, the software doesn’t have to be a CMS. If you decide you need a software to handle the blog page, choose a CMS that works with all types of websites. Choose a plugin rather than a script.

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