Things to Fix Your Monitor If Your White Screen Keeps You Up at Night

​You’re not imagining things. This past year, more than 6 million people in the United States reported that their TV or home monitor had given them headaches, eyestrain, and nausea. And it’s possible your screen is one of them. One symptom of this specific type of eye strain is night-time eye-strain is insomnia; the light settings on the monitor can overexpose your eyes and create excessive glare. Read all about ways to fix your monitor here by picking up 5 tips to make your screen safer for your eyes at night…

[SOLVED] 100% Disk Usage in Windows 11


The latest version of Windows includes a feature that you may want to have on. Windows 11 now gives us the ability to set up a hibernate mode for Windows. Yes, that’s right, we get the option to shut down your system and to go “sleeping” completely shut down with no hard disk space consumed.

​But the benefit of it is that it saves your files, so you don’t have to worry if you lose your hard drive, it still has your data.

However, the issue with this, is that sometimes I get a problem which I cannot solve.

My hard drive runs 100% which takes almost all the space at my system. If I have my hibernate mode activated, I cannot use the system and have no access to my data.

Therefore, the question is this…

​Can Windows 11 be set to 100% disk usage?

Well, the answer is “yes”. There is a way to modify the system settings in Windows 11 and make it so that the system has a hibernate function. Just a warning, it can take some work to get the system 100% in the use. But, it’s quite simple and a well worth-while task.

​In order to get the 100% use, the hibernation needs to be off because it consumes the disk space. For this we need to be able to disable the hibernation function. For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to go one step further and create a shortcut on the Windows desktop that will disable the hibernation function.

Now, here’s what you need to do to modify the system settings in Windows 11:1- You need to go to the Start Menu, select “Computer” and “Disk Management” from the list of options:

2- A new window will pop up for you. It looks like the below picture.Click on the partition disk you want the control panel:

3- After the partition is clicked on, click on properties at the upper left, and go to:

4- Make sure to turn off “Use hiberfil.sys” and “Allow this partition to be written to”:

5- Then, exit Disk Management by clicking on the close sign at the bottom left.

6- Go back to the Start Menu of Windows 11 and select “Computer” and “Help and Support”.

​3- From here, you need to select “Disk 0” in the leftmost window that opens.

Best Blue Light Screen Protectors in 2021: From Tablet to TV

You spend about 3 hours each day in front of a screen. That’s a lot of time.

But, did you know that just looking at that blue light for a couple of minutes each day is enough to seriously harm your body, sleep, and even your mental fitness?

And, even if you’re a huge advocate of sleeping with an iPhone by your side, you still gotta face the fact that blue light gets emitted from almost all screens, especially those of screens that aren’t so portable.

With a few exceptions: a laptop or desktop when you’re working on it, a computer when you’re studying on it, and a traditional LED/LCD watch when you think it’s an accessory to all those clothes you have on.

​But, I get it. What are you supposed to do while studying for exams, taking exams, and working on your PC when you can’t stand staring down the blue glow each and every moment?

You don’t want to go all day without sleeping, right? And, you can’t sleep for too long a day because of work, right?

So, you have to deal with a little dilemma, and you’ve been running the same solution every time: you keep the iPhone by your bed and you sleep beside it.

Now, let´s face it. Most of the times, you don’t want to just keep an iPhone in your pockets every second of the day, especially if you have work, exams, and tons of stuff to do.It´s not as if you have a “smartphone charger everywhere” yet for your gadgets.

And you can’t just charge your phone on a desk.

​Plus, you have to make sure nothing gets ruined in the charging process.

All this is a hassle and it does come with some serious consequences. Not to mention the fact that just looking at that screen all day will make you look like such a zombie.

Luckily, there are some ways to get rid of the blue light in one way or another, and that’s what today’s video is about. We are going to make it to the simplest and best way you can get rid of that blue glow.

​And if you don’t sleep with iOS every night, you know what’s going to happen?

Your eyes are going to burn a lot and they’re going to go completely weird.

So you want a light-free sleep, and a blue light-free sleep too.

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