Usb Flash does not connect to Computer, see how to Fix this error [Solved]

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Repair & Fix USB Flash Drive Not Recognized or Detected

on Mac OS

A common issue that users who work in information technology have faced is that their computer will crash while connecting to a USB device, and this happens even when they plug in a USB drive that they previously used. One can quickly figure out what happened by plugging in the USB drive to another computer, and when it’s recognized, the problem disappears. So, how can one fix the problem of a computer crashing or no longer detecting a USB device?

It’s easy to figure out what happened because when a computer suddenly crashes while a USB drive is plugged in, there is something wrong with the device. It might have encountered an error or something else, and when that happens, it can only be fixed by either replacing the USB drive or unplugging it and replugging it to the target computer.

Overview of USB Device Is Not Recognized Error

How to Fix USB Flash Drive Not Recognized or Detected?

USB flash drive that is not shown error happens frequently. It can cause serious data loss and issues to your data. In this post we will guide you through easy and workable ways to fix the USB flash drive that is not recognized problem and bring all your files back with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard – Free recovery software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you retrieve the deleted files back. With some effortless methods, it enables you to get the data back which is inaccessible, lost, damaged or formatted on the hard disk drives. Furthermore, you can get back from the USB flash drive that is not recognized by getting any error.

Best Data Recovery Software

Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10/11

As you use many data on usb storage devices, you need a tool to recover, retrieve data without losing it.

Check The Causes of USB Flash Drive Not Recognized


How to Recover Deleted Data?

Find the solution to fix USB flash drive not recognized or detected problem in Windows 7 without data loss. How to Recover Deleted Email?

How to restore data from formatted hard drive?

Solution: “The hard drive was full and couldn’t be accessed. I turned it off and on, then it worked and the folders opened. How to Restore Windows Password?

“The first time I installed windows 10, it couldn’t download my product keys. I searched the web for a while, then the problem was fixed. I then logged in and installed it again and it worked perfectly. How to Recover Deleted Photo from Camera?

Solution: Click on the photo, then press Ctrl+K (you can hold down the Windows logo key to do so).

“There was an emergency, and I needed to take pictures for my report but I only had one SD Card.

Fix 2. Update Unallocated USB Driver and Create New Partition

Applies to: Drivers cannot be recognized by PC.This method involves creating a new partition and reallocating the space from the Windows System Reserved partition.Step 1. Stop the Windows boot service. To do this, press the Windows key + R keys on the keyboard at the same time until the run box appears, type in services.msc, press Enter, and locate the USB storage driver that you’re facing the problem with. Right-click on it and choose stop.Step 2. Move the existing allocation. You can see the status of the partition in Disk Management Utility. Double-click the unallocated area and right-click on it, and choose “Change”.Step 3. Choose “Create Partition”.Step 8. Create a new partition. Your new partition and old one will share the same volume letter (C:). Click OK to start.Step 9. Restore existing allocation.

Fix 3. Change USB Driver Letter to Make It Detectable


This is one of the most effective ways to fix USB flash drive issues, especially for a Mac. It may cost you a few more efforts.The process of change USB driver:Step 1. Connect USB flash drive to computerStep 2. Go to “This PC”.Step 3. Click on the USB drive icon on your screen.Step 4. Select “Eject”, and then click “OK”. After that, the USB flash drive must be unplugged and plugged in again. (Once USB device has been fixed, you can rename the disk drive by “right-click, click “Properties” and click “Advanced” tab.”, then change the volume letter to match the name of the original drive.)

Fix 2. Reinstall USB Driver

Applies to: Fix My USB flash is unplugged or not recognized by the computer.If your USB has lost the power supply, it may cause the USB driver to stop properly working.

Fix 4. Check USB Port and Change Connection to Make USB Recognizable

Applies to: Fix USB flash drive not recognized.USB ports usually have an indicator light indicating the power status of the port. If the indicator light doesn’t turn on when you connect a USB Flash drive, try the following measures:

A. Switch to a different USB port on your PC.B. Switch on the USB flash drive.C. Reset your PC by holding the power button for about 10 seconds.Note: These solutions usually won’t completely fix the issue, so the next step would be to install a new and functioning USB driver.

Fix 5. Try a different USB Flash Drive

Applies to fix: USB Flash drive not recognized by your PC.It is more likely that the issue is a USB drive not working properly rather than the PC not recognising it.

Try formatting your USB with another program. If this works, make sure that the software is properly installed and running on your PC.

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